LIP SCRUB -Coconut-

LIP SCRUB -Coconut-

  • Smells and tastes great. 
  • Remove any dead skin.
  • Repair damaged lips
  • It softens, smoothes.
  • NO burning sensation
  • It exfoliates!
  • 100% Naural
  • 30gram 

Why should you exfoliate your lips with a sugar lip scrub like this?

Exfoliating and removing the dead and dry skin of your lips brings you a new fresh layer, making lips soft, smooth, and kissable.

Not to mention that a smooth lip “canvas” is important when It comes to your lip cosmetics! Lip exfoliation, with something like this homemade lip scrub, helps your lips retain moisture longer, and that will help to prevent cracked lips!




1. Wet lips with warm water and apply the lip scrub.

2. Gently rub your lips in a circular motion to allow the sugar to exfoliate and the coconut oil to moisturize.

3. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel or washcloth. 

4. Apply your favorite lip balm moisturizer. 

5. Use twice a day.